Mywegmansconnect is the official online employee portal of the Wegmans employees. Workers at Wegmans can gain access to the companies information through the Mywegmansconnect portal. Wegmans employees are required to have a Mywegmansconnect account to connect with their company.

How to login to your portal:

How to register at

If you are a new user, then you should create your account.
         1. Working/school account
         2. Personal Account
  • Since you are an employee, select the appropriate option.
  • Create your own USERID AND PASSWORD
  • Boom! you are now a registered member at Wegmans connect

Why  Mywegmansconnect account?:

There are a lot of perks offered by this official Wegmans employee portal.The companies updates can be known at any time, without contacting your superior authorities As an employee, you will not receive any pay stubs from the company, since all your payment details will be held in the database. You can view your paystubs onlinethrough the portal.

Greater engagement:
The company can have the detailed report of the performance of the members and can take the appropriate decisions.For instance, the company can have a look at the regularity and output of an employee and can promote the employee thereby. Besides this, the company can also get to know about the bad aspects of an employee and can take appropriate action against him/her. This way,  the company can get hold of its employees, with each and every detail and with less effort. Keeping this apart, the employees can get to know the regular updates of their company.

24 hours access:
 This allows the management and the staff to get connected with each other round the clock. Employees can get to know the details of their shifts through the Mywegmansconnect portal
at any time. Employees can't be in direct contact with their superior staff regularly, there might be an odd time, where you should have to take grants from your management staff, this problem can be solved by by accessing the portal at any time.

Working Hours: 
Since all the data is stored accurately in Mywegmansconnect, you can calculate your exact working time and can be aware of how much you need to work to reach your targets. You can plan your schedules without any worries. You can decide whether to take a leave off or not, by checking your working hours. If you have maintained good working hours, then getting a leave is never hard. You can take a leave off simply by connecting with the higher staff through my Wegmansconnect portal. Thiscan save you a significant amount of time, by dissuading the need to meet the superior staff.
You can get to know the benefits that your company is offering.The portal also lists the retirement plans, insurance plans and many more

Sharing Data:
Data plays a vital role in the successful functioning of any company. Mywegmansconnect offers data sharing facility for its members.An Employee can share data with the company and sometimes with other employees and the company can share its data directly with the employees, without having to share it directly.

Pay statements made easy: 
Wegmans does not provide any pay stubs for its staff since all the database of pay statements is already stored in Mywegmansconnect. Any member of this portal can have access to the payment statements of Wegmans. The pay statements are stored permanently in the Mywegmansconnect. An Employee can check his/her pay statements online and can have a clear idea of his payments and can plan proper working strategy with the company. This will enhance the
performance of the employee and ultimately resulting in the better performance of the company.
Enhanced performance of an employee will increase his/her income and the better performance of the company will make greater profits, now both employees and the company can be happy. Thus, Mywegmansconnect indirectly paving a way for the better profits of the company.

Payment options: 
You can choose your mode of payment with help of
You can choose whether you want to receive a direct deposit or any other kind of payment. This provides some comfort for the employees by paying them the way they need it. Some will like direct bank payments and some employees will like to receive another kind of payment modes.

Wegmans Employee Benefits:

  • 401K Plans: Every month a part of employees salary is cut off from his earnings and is saved as retirement cash that the employee gets when he/she chooses to retire.  
  • Dental insurance: When an employee takes this plan, he will be given with a particular set of dentists and he can meet them at any time regarding his dental issues.
  • Life coverage plans
  • Personal time off 
  • Wegmans retirement plans
  • Adoption assistance plans: Many people think about their financial situation when trying to adopt a child, keeping in mind the expenses that may incur. This is where adoption assistance plans come into play, it encourages the employees to adopt a child and assisting them to meet the financial needs of the child.
  • Medical expenses reimbursement:Wegmans bears 85 percent of the employee's medical expenses. Medical expenses have been a part of every person's life today when we reach a particular point in our life, then we may have to use medicines continuously and we may have to get continuous medical treatments which are very expensive. Medical reimbursement plan makes it easier for Wegmans employees to get medical treatments with less financial pressure on them.